Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Givin' it a try!

I've been considering starting a blog for some time now and up until now have just been putting it off. We have a website but I haven't been very diligent at keeping it updated. I thought it would probably be easier to update a blog than a whole website so I thought I'd give it a try. If this works better I'll probably just discontinue the website...but I'm not sure yet. We'll see how it goes.

This photo was taken a few months ago at a staff meeting in Tijuana, Mexico at the new property that was acquired by YWAM San Diego/Baja. Dean Sherman was the speaker that day. It was really cool to meet him after hearing about him for so many years. Really nice guy, down-to-earth, easy to get along with. I was kind of nervous about his arrival because our base in Ensenada was responsible for his hospitality and for some reason I figured that since he lives on the road, traveling and teaching all over the world, that he might have very high expectations of our hospitality department. But he was so easy going, I soon found out my fretting was all in vain! For those of you who don't know, Dean is a well-known author and teacher in the YWAM circle...especially known for his teachings on Spiritual Warfare. I would venture to say that he is considered one of YWAM's great pioneers.

Just to bring everybody up to speed with us, we had to leave Colombia almost 2 years ago to take care of some immigration issues for Jorge. We were invited to serve with YWAM San Diego/Baja, assigned to the Ensenada base in Mexico, about 2 hours south of San Diego, CA (depending on how long the line of traffic is at the Tijuana border). We are coming up to the end of our 2 year commitment very soon now and in a few weeks we will be moving on. We are excited to return to Colombia...back to Bocachica to continue what was started there. Before we go back though we are planning to take some time to visit family, friends and supporters north, south, east and west, while we are on this continent, before heading back to South America. We have an awesome team in Bocachica who have been holding down the fort for us and we are anxious to get back to them.

Jorge's mom has been really sick the last year, in and out of the hospital with some terminal heart and lung problems. So, our first priority is to head south to spend some quality time with her. It looks like it might be one of our last opportunities so we want to make the most of it! She lives in Queretaro, farther south, near Mexico City.

By the way, pray for Jorge, he has to take his citizenship exam/interview in Phoenix the day after tomorrow. He's been studying a lot and knows his stuff better than I do! I think he's going to do great! If this goes through then he'll have dual citizenship (Mexico and USA) and will be able to travel with less hassles. So tomorrow we are driving east 5 hours to my mom's house in Yuma and from there we'll continue on to Phoenix the following day. We'll keep you posted!


To the ends of the earth ... said...

Hi Karen & Jorge! Roxanne here, glad to see you guys blogging ... it's a great way to keep people posted.

I've had many opportunities to host Dean Sherman while doing hospitality for YWAM Denver ... he's such a nice guy and so easy going that you want to go overboard when taking care of him, when all he wants is a bed and some cake (but that was before he was put on a diet by his wife).

I'll be praying for you guys as you navigate the whole INS appeal and begin the trek back to Colombia

Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

Love this idea.But not as much as we love you guys!!!!!!

tb & pb

Jorge & Karen Silva said...


We love you MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jorge & Karen Silva said...

Hey Roxanne!! How cool! Last I heard you were in South Africa!! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am just glad to hear from you two no matter how! As I read, I am reminded to be thankful that the only residency that matters is our heavenly one. God bless you as you continue this journey. Karen, tell me how are you? I have prayed hard and loud. Please, let me know and give my love to your mom and all the family.

Jerry Redd said...

Hey Jorge & Karen,
Hope you get the citizenship issued resolved soon. Would love to see you if you come to Grand Junction but I know you'll be busy. Maybe I'll see you in Bocachica in Sept. I'm planning a trip if everything comes together. I sent you an e-mail and phoned as I did with Kurt but no response. God bless! Jerry

Donna and Rob said...

Dear Karen and Jorge,
Praying for you both. Hope the citizenship issue will resolve soon. May God bless you both as you continue to serve Christ right there in Ensenada. His grace is sufficient for us all!
Donna and Rob