Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

New Year`s at the Silva`s always includes family, food and fun!!

Jorge and 8 yr. old niece, Montserrat, chopping up the fruit and goodies to make ¨Ponche¨`s kind of like apple cider but has lots more stuff in it...guava, sugar cane, apples, tamarind, tejocote, cinnamon, raisens, jamaica flowers...yum, yum!

Jorge was in charge of the ¨Ponche¨ and he did a great job!

Jorge`s sister, Lupe, preparing the pork to make ¨Pozole¨, a very traditional dish made especially at New Year´s. It is made with pork, white corn, chiles and I`m not sure what else... and then once you serve it people add their own goodies according to their own tastes...chopped onions, radishes, shredded lettuce, shredded cabbage, avocados, oregano, lime juice...

My bowl of Pozole. It may sound kind of like a strange concoction but it really is delicious!!

The girls helping to chop and shredd!
Lupe with the finished product.

I had to orientate Silvia as to how to adorn her Pozole!

Mamita wasn`t feeling too well but she was able to get up to the table for a short while.

Nieces, Sandy, Gaby, Cyndia and Galia

After dinner there is a toast at midnight and everyone has the opportunity to share a few words about their hopes for the coming year and then everybody hugs everybody...and after that there is dancing for all ages!!! Montserrat and Frida get things going!

Jorge`s cousin, Socorro, and her husband, Chuy.

Jorge`s sister, Lupe, and brother, Chava.

They even do line dancing to country music!

Silvia and Chava... I think I was the only party pooper that didn`t dance that night!!

I know, shame on me!

We all finally went to bed around 3:30 am...

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Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

Love all those family pictures. Nice to put names and faces together.