Friday, January 05, 2007

Who`s In The House?!

We had lots of family visiting over Christmas weekend... here`s who`s who:
Jorge and I on Christmas Eve.
We got Mamita fixed up but she didn`t feel well enough to get out of bed, unfortunately it was a hard night for her pain-wise so I jumped in bed with her to get the photo.

Jorge`s oldest brother, Toño.

Our niece, Ruth (daughter of Blanca who passed away 5 1/2 years ago) and her husband, Omar.

Niece, Sandra, younger sister of Ruth.

Jorge`s sister, Lupita and her three daughters, Galia, Gabriela and Montserrat.

Jorge`s sister, Leticia with her husband, Pepe, and their kids, Pepito and Brenda.

Jorge´s Dad and youngest brother, Chava.

Jorge`s sister, Isabel (right), with her son, Neto, his wife, Cristina and their son, Christian.

Jorge´s second cousin,Cyndia and her daughter, Frida.
Back in 2000 Cyndia served with us in Bocachica for about 9 months.

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