Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bocachica Update

Well, everybody, the time has finally come to return to COLOMBIA!! We have our tickets now and our departure date is Sunday, June 10th! We will be flying from Miami on a direct flight to Cartagena! We are excited to get back and get settled-in again! Jorge is really ready to get back to work and get his hands dirty!! We have been talking and sharing so much about Bocachica over the last 2 1/2 months that we are antsy to get back.

Here are a few recent photos from Bocachica so you can see what is new:

Staff photo, May '07: Severine (Martinique), Josefina (Mexico), Andrea (Germany), and the Colombians: Astrid, Robin, Werlin and Marley. Missing from the photo are Erika, Conny and Martin who were with us on our U.S. tour.

Check out the mission's new paint job! Caribbean colors! On the top floor is staff housing and on the bottom is our office, a guest room and the girl's dorm.

More bright colors! Mine and Jorge's apartment is on the top floor (it has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room) and on the bottom floor is the guy's dorm and a laundry room.

Kicking off the new school year at the children's feeding center. This year we have over 200 children enrolled in the feeding center where they receive a hot lunch each weekday during the school year.

Boat renovations are almost complete. Our biggest challenge now is getting a new diesel motor bought and installed. Soon we hope to make our maiden voyage to a more isolated island called "Isla Fuerte".

"Estrella", our mission dog, a very sweet and playful Yellow Lab, became a mommy in May. She had 5 puppies. Unfortunately two of them have since died but the rest are doing well.

Playa Blanca is waiting for you! This is the beach where some of our teams like to go on their day off. It is about a 45 minute boat ride from Bocachica.

A rainbow spreads across Bocachica to remind us of God's promises for the future. We are excited and feel privileged to be a part of God's dreams and plans for Bocachica!

This photos is the view from the front porch of the mission.

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Desteni said...

Estrella is a minx! I can't believe she has puppies. How did she fall into sin?? You guys need to get back quick to get that girl into some discipleship!