Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dad Visits Bocachica!

My Dad visited us about a week and a half ago! It had been around 5 years since his last visit to Bocachica. He was in Bogota the week before with an organization called VOSH that does eye clinics around the world. They were working with an orphanage there and then came to Cartagena for a couple of days of R&R. Some of the team members came out to the island to see what we are doing out there and we had the opportunity to talk about the possibility of doing a future brigade with them in Bocachica.
Hanging out with Dad in Cartagena at "The Bistro," a German owned and operated cafe where we like to go for lunch sometimes.
Dad and Jorge watching soccer...I forget who was playing.

Dad meets his sponsor child, Maryuris, and her parents, Manuel and Rochi.

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