Friday, November 02, 2007

October's Gone?!

Wow, I can't believe I didn't even make one entry during the month of October and now it's gone! Yes, it was a pretty busy month!

Some are praying for it to start and others are praying for it to stop.
It has been raining like crazy the last couple of weeks! This is the most rain I've seen here since we first arrived 10 years ago! We even have a few leaks in our apartment roof in Bocachica! The other morning we woke up at 4 am to drops of water hitting us in bed...we had to move our furniture around so that we don't get wet at night and once things dry up a bit we will have to look at repairing the roof and ceiling. Check out the flooded streets of Cartagena!

Our friend, Tym Kemp, is the DTS director with YWAM Ensenada and we were thrilled to have him visiting us in Bocachica!
During rainy season it's best to go out with shorts, flip flops and an umbrella because this is probably what you will find!


Last month we had a team with us for two weeks from the YWAM base in Ensenada, Mexico. It was good to see old friends again and the team did a really good job and worked hard.
Ensenada team and Bocachica Staff

Working with the Elderly.

Digging the hole for a latrine.

Team effort! Moving the cement slab that will be the latrine floor.

Temo helps pour the new sidewalk at the Feeding Center.

Jorge with Tym and "Busta", our friend from the Ensenada base who was leading the team.

Our friends, Ana and Julio, were the team they are showing of their Bocachica braides!
The team tours the Bocachica Fort.


Jorge has been planning a week-long soccer tournament for the boys and men in Bocachica. During the second week of November there is a Carnaval that turns Cartagena into Party Central...big time drinking and all that goes along with that. Sooo... during that time of the year we like to organize this tournament as an alternative so that the community can find their fun and entertainment in a healthier environment, plus it gives us the chance to get to know them better and share with them about Jesus! The tournament starts on Sunday so Jorge and the men have been working hard getting ready!

Jorge organizes the guys.

Doing some renovations on the wall around the court.

It's pretty exciting when the community all gathers together to participate in a project like this. Lots of energy floating around.

Putting up the light posts around the court...


We've been able to do a few projects at the feeding center with the help of volunteers and teams. We put in some more concrete floors and sidewalks and also hooked up a water pump to the water tank so that the water flows through the faucet. We also connected a water purifier.

Our cooks and helpers are from the local church.

The kids go through the line for the attendance records before the sit down to eat.

Josefina and Yolaida overseeing the line.


This past week we have been buying building materials for the next phase of the clinic construction. This next stage is to start on the roof. We don't have the funds to do the whole roof but we have decided to go ahead and get started with what money we do have and we should be able to finish 2 of the 3 wings. (The building is shaped like a "U") We have made several trips to the city to buy materials and it has been a blessing and a thrill to have the help of the community with this project. Check out the photos below of us unloading the supplies. We plan to start construction of this phase on Monday, Nov. 5th.


Our friends, Salustiano and Morena just recently opened a little store out of their home so we went to pay them a visit. Here I am with them both and their two daughters, Helen and Luchita. They also have a little boy who isn't in the photo. Besides our staff, they are our best friends in Bocachica.


We celebrated Werling's birthday with a party...cupcakes, silly games, etc... his family came over from next door and we had a good time!

Werling with Yorkis Jr., his nephew and Yiselis, his niece. They are the sweetest kids! The other day Yiselis came over and asked to speak to me privately... once we were all alone she asked me if I happened to have a Princess Dress she could borrow! How Cute!!! Unfortunately I didn't happen to have one so she went away disappointed.

Josefina was our game planner and Jeeye helped with the food and drinks!

Werling's grandma Froilaina (we love her!!) and three of her great-grandkids. She joined in on all the fun and games. I was impressed.

We played a game kind of like musical chairs except that there are sheets of newspaper on the floor that you have to jump on once the music stops and whoever doesn't make it on the newspaper gets eliminated.


Yolanda is a nurse from Bogota and she is with us short term, filling in for Conny while she is gone. Yolanda is a very creative lady and she has been giving workshops to the ladies on decorating with balloons and embroidery projects.

Learning to make balloon figures.

The girls show off their masterpieces.

Ana puts what she learned into practice, decorating for her little girl's birthday party.

This young mother make matching hand embroidered dresses for her daughters.


On October, 26th we became official first time home owners! We signed the final papers and made the final payments. Here we are that day with Leonor the lady we bought the house from (in pink) and Katy on the other side of Jorge, who helped us do a lot of the paperwork and running around. We think we might get to move in by mid to late November.


Chrissy Ringel said...

Wow, a lot of stuff going on there in Colombia! :) I am so happy you met the DTS and they are so blessed to got to know you guys! And know our Jon is joining you guys! What a blessing!
I hope you are fine!
I dont know if i told you yet, but i joines YWAM San Diego/Baja in September :)
Greetings from here
your german friend Chrissy :)

Desteni said...

Karen it is so nice to see everyone! Man, Ana is BEAUTIFUL. How fun to see them.
I heard that Trinity is going to see you soon. I might send some stuff to Jhon David. Do you know what his sizes are of clothes and shoes?
Love ya,