Friday, February 15, 2008

January Birthdays

We had a party to celebrate our January birthdays

Yum! Yum!

Fun and games with the Antioch team

The birthday girls and boys...Guillermo, Blanca, Astrid and Jorge ... we aren´t telling how old!

Proyecto Libertad Staff, January 2008

The girls: Erika (Colombia), Karoline (Germany), Anna (Sweden), Karen (USA), Yolanda (Colombia), Astrid (Colombia), Marley (Colombia), Blanca (Colombia)

The guys: Robin (Colombia), Werling (Colombia), Jorge (Mexico), Samy (Colombia), Guillermo (Chile), Martin (Germany)

Not pictured: Conny (Germany) and Josefina (Mexico)

Conny is in Indonesia on outreach from the School of Community Counseling and Josefina is home on vacation.

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