Friday, April 25, 2008

Ever heard of a Guama?

One of the trees in our back yard produces a fruit called GUAMA!

Jorge cutting down the Guamas.

We got down a bunch to take out to our friends and staff in Bocachica.

They are long pods and inside are rows of black seeds covered with a sweet cotton-like fruit. It´s what I imagine Manna tasted like.

After you eat the fruit off you are left with the seeds. I´m not sure about this but I have heard that some people use these to make jewelry and crafts.


Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

I'm learning how to make jewelry, send them my way and I'll make you a necklace. The friend who taught me made a necklace from African seeds.

Denryuu said...

If they are anything like the Inga Jinicuil, you probably could boil the seeds and eat them. Better ask the people around, though.