Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Making Proyecto Libertad History

Today Marley and I sent Samy and Werling off on their way to Isla Fuerte where we are starting our new operating location. For some time now Jorge has been planning this. The idea is to multiply the work that we are doing in Bocachica, to mobilize Bocachica natives into missions, and also to establish a mission station at a half-way point between Bocachica and the mouth of the Atrato River, where we one day hope to minister with the boat. Jorge has been visiting Isla Fuerte (translated: Strong Island) over the last few months and making connections with the local pastors. His last trip was about a week ago and he was able to find a house to rent. It is about a 6 hour trip from Cartagena that involves two buses, a motorcylce and a boat! There is no electricity, running water or indoor plumbing. Samy and Werling have accepted the challenge to initiate this pioneering effort and today they set off with their backpacks, a guitar, a stove and a suitcase full of kitchen supplies. They will be establishing relationships in the community, getting involved with the local church and helping to prepare for a special event we are planning for June. It will be a 2 week Mini-DTS... a short disciplehsip course geared for the youth of the local region. We will be hosting and running this course and have already recieved confirmation from the pastors and it looks like we will have a full house. This is a history-making moment for us as a ministry and we are excited about what is to come! Please keep this new effort in your prayers and we will keep you posted!

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Kurtiswco said...

This is so cool ...just like the Lord Jesus sent out 70 two by two
Luke 10...This must have been a great day for Jorge and Karen and most of all, all of heaven!