Sunday, April 13, 2008

Modes of Transportation

Jorge and I have been looking for a vehicle for the last couple of months and we are really hoping that soon we will have our own set of wheels! My mom has loaned us the money to buy one and we can´t wait! Until then we will continue using public transportation...

This is the bus we take from Turbaco to Cartagena. Once we are in Cartagena we have to take another one to get to downtown.

Motorcycles are a very popular way to get around. They are cheap and fast. Not the safest way to go though, as you can imagine! We use these in Turbaco and sometimes in Cartagena but we try to avoid them because there are SSOOO many motorcycle accidents each year!

In Turbaco, one of our favorites is the MOTO TAXI! It is a motorcycle with a covered cart attached to the back. Here is the view from inside.

The moto taxi can fit 3 people plus there is room in the back for your groceries or packages.

Jorge and I usually walk into Turbaco to get our groceries and then on the way back home we get the moto taxi to bring us and our bags. Every time we ride in it we get such a kick out of it!

This, however, is the Renault Symbol and we currently looking at the possiblity of buying one of these. We have the opportunity to get a 2004 that is in really good condition, low milage, good gas milage, and a decent price (for Colombian standards which are WAY TOO HIGH for American standards!!!). It would cost us around $13,000 plus we want to pay for a year´s worth of insurance and we have to get our Colombian driver´s licenses which will cost us about $120 usd each! So now you can see why we have never tried to buy a car before. It is crazy how expensive it is here! But we are to the point now where we REALLY need one so we are biting the bullet! We really wanted to get a double cabin pick-up truck but they are way out of our price range so it looks like we will settle for a car. We should know something over the next few days.

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Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

These look like the jeepynies we used in the Philippines.