Thursday, September 11, 2008


Turkey is a place the will forever be in my heart. One of these days, maybe I will share my Turkey story with you... for now, the short version. When I was 13 years old I signed up for a Turkish pen pal and became friends with FATMA DEDELER from Alasehir/Manisa. We lost touch after about a year of writing but I never forgot her! SEVEN years later I was on board the M/V Anastasis with Mercy Ships doing YWAM´s Discipleship Training School when to my complete and utter surprise, I found out that I had the opportunity to go to Turkey on outreach! Here´s the long story short part... I got to go to Turkey and spent time in ISTANBUL, ESKESIHIR and I also got to go to ALESEHIR/MANISA to visit Fatma and her family!! Saying that was a dream come true is an understatement!! I have no words to express how amazing that experience was for me!! So...the reason I am sharing this so out-of-the blue is because I just saw on my live traffic map that someone from ESKESIHIR visited my blog recently!! Wow, I couldn´t believe it!! I couldn´t help but wonder if it might be someone I met way back when...maybe Harkan or Ergun... Sabriye or Meryem??? I kind of doubt it. It was probably just a coincidence. But wouldn´t that be awesome if I could reconnect with theses long lost friends after so many years??? I think of them so often and wonder what has become of their lives...

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Mrs. "M" said...

HI Karen,

Thanks for stopping by! That's so fun to be able to see where people are vivsintg your blog from...I should leanr how to do that.

And the 1952 picture is actually looks great!