Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blanca Rosa is in SOUTH AFRICA!!

A week ago Blanca Rosa left Cartagena for South Africa to start the next phase of her mission´s service. She will be studying English with the purpose of working in the area of community developement on the African continent, which has been her dream for many years! It was a big challenge for her to get the visas and the finances to travel and now she is facing new challenges living in a place where she doesn´t speak the language or know the culture or customs. Below is an excerpt from an email I got from her a couple of days ago:

¨I can´t believe that I am actually here in SOUTH AFRICA!! It is SSSOOO cold here, can you believe it?! Thank God, I arrived just fine and it was a good trip. Challenging, but good. I saw God taking care of me with the luggage and even though it was a 3 day trip, in 5 different airplanes with about 20 hours of flight time, everything went well. And now, I am here learning a new language...English! But under the circumstances, it seems like I will be learning some Portuguese as well. It turns out that there are a lot of people here from Brazil, so you can imagine how that is! Please remember me in your prayers, that I can learn quickly and have an open mind with this new language. I love you a lot and send a big hug for everyone! Please write me and don´t abandon me here!! Bye!! Blanca Rosa.¨

PS: For those of you who don´t know her, Blanca Rosa is a Colombian who worked on staff with us in Bocachica for about 3 1/2 years.

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