Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner!

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight with our friends, Astrid and Juliana. Astrid was on staff with us for 3 years and is now working with a Canadian foundation in Cartagena and is living with us in the meantime. Juliana is our new friend who we met through the Bienestar adoption process. She is one of the Psychologists who is processing our file. She is only working temporarily with Bienestar, until the end of December when she returns home to Bogotá. We invited her to come and stay with us for the next month so she is moving in this weekend. The girls will be house-sitting for us while we go on vacation to Mexico to spend the Holidays with Jorge´s family.

Lights first...

The finished product.

We didn´t have anything to go on the top of our tree so we got out some cardboard, paper, scissors and glue and made our own star! :)

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