Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Music

You may have noticed that in August I started posting music on my blog. My idea in this is to give you a taste of Colombia through it´s music...which is a big part of life and culture anywhere you go!

I debuted my Playlist with Andres Cabas, a well-known Colombian singer, singing one of my favorite songs, ¨Colombia, Tierra Querida.(Colombia, Dear Land)¨ Here he is known as ¨Cabas¨ and being from the northern coastal city of Barranquilla (just a couple of hours from Cartagena) he has a unique style that combines rock, jazz and the many sounds of the Colombian Coast such as puyas, bullarengues, porros, fandangos and cumbias with an African influence mixed in.

Later I introduced you to Alex Campos. Alex is a well-known Christian artist from Bogotá who started out at age 14 playing and singing in worship bands at his church. His style is a mix of rock and ballads and his message is one of hope, Christian values and new life in Jesus Christ.

Most recently you have been hearing songs from Juanes, another famous Colombian rock singer who is from the city of Medellin. Juanes is also well-known for his political activism and being a voice for the many victims of the 40+ year civil war in Colombia. He has a foundation called ¨Fundación Mi Sangre¨ that serves to create awareness and provide solutions for the ¨colatoral damage¨ left behind from this war, especially those of land mine victims.

Today and for the next little while you will hear Pescao Vivo. This name means ¨Live Fish¨ and they are a Colombian Christian group from Bogotá that fuses together the sounds of Rock and Pop with a combination of Latin Folklore.
To explain a little bit more about the meaning of the band´s name... In Spanish there are two words for ¨fish¨. If the fish is alive it is ¨PEZ¨ but if the fish is dead it is ¨PESCADO¨. With local accents the word ¨PESCADO¨ becomes ¨PESCAO¨. Here, band member, Giovanni Olaya, explains where they got the name ¨PESCAO VIVO,¨ which translated would mean LIVE (DEAD) FISH¨: "A fish (pez) is a fish (pez) when it is alive; a fish is a 'pescao' when it is dead. But a live ¨pescao¨ is impossible! Jesus was the first live 'pescao,' because he was dead, he came back to life and he continues working in us. And everything that is touched by His Word, even though it is dead, it will live!"


PS: I am having trouble with my playlist player (I don´t particularly like IMEEM but couldn´t find the music elsewhere) so if you can´t hear the music and would like to then go down to the playlist on the bottom of the right-hand margin and push the play button.


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What about Papo Man ?!? ;)

Jorge and Karen Silva said...

Oh, yeah! I gotta do Papo Man, don´t I?! :) Or maybe I can just make a recording of Neiver´s version! :)

Jorge and Karen Silva said...
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