Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Big Fat Mexican Wedding

On December 26th Jorge youngest brother got married. It was quite the event with lots of out-of-town guests, a sit-down dinner and dancing until about 3:30 am.
Jorge and I decked out for the big event.
Rocio waiting in the car (A/C) until it's time to walk down the isle.
Jorge with his cousin Mauro, his brother Chava (the nervous groom) and his dad, before the ceremony began.

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Silva!

One of Jorge's older brothers, Matias, with his wife, daughter and grandaughter.

Our nieces Galia, Montserrat and Gabriela.
Making it legal...the civil ceremony just before the reception begins.

One of the traditional things in a Mexican wedding is the 'Sea Serpant'. It sounds kind of yucky but basically the girls (and then the guys) grab hands and then run around the room weaving in and out of the tables and then you go under a little bridge formed by the bride and groom and you try to knock down the groom (I don't know why)'s pretty fun, actually. Our niece, Ruth, and I headed up the line...Ruth was really whipping us all around the place...

Sea Serpant continued...I was exhausted by the time it was over!

Throwing the bouquet.

Another tradition is when the guests pin bills on the bride's veil...typically this is to help with honeymoon expenses.

The guys do the Sea Serpant. Jorge and our nephew head up the line.
Then comes The Funeral. They pick up the groom like he's in a coffin and the band plays funeral music...

and they carry him around the room and sing a song about how his single life is now dead...

and then they throw him up in the air 3 times and see how high they can get him without dropping him.

Then the dancing begins.

Rocio and I ... my new sister-in-law.

Two of Jorge's sisters, Lupita and Isabel.

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