Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Face Lift

If you have been visiting our blog recently you may have noticed several changes over the last few days. I thought that after 2 1/2 years with the same layout, it was time for a face lift. I really wanted to use this awesome sunrise photo for our blog header (this is the view from our front porch at the mission in Bocachica!)...

...but, I am a very matchy kind of person so when I uploaded the photo I had to use shades of orange, black and brown for the back drop and fonts. The first day I left the orange/peachy background but that looked too Halloweenish for me so then I changed it to black. I really liked the black background but it was SO HARD to read the blog entries with the black background that it was giving me a headache and I figured it would probably give you one too!

So, then I changed it to this white background with the photo of Jorge and I for our header. This photo was taken a year ago on our 17th anniversary by our Chilean friend, Pilar Bunster (thanks Pili!). We are sitting on a small fishing boat in the bay of Bocachica (like in the sunrise photo), right in front of the mission, with the mission´s boat in the background.

I´m not 100% sure if I like this color (non-color) scheme so you might see some more changes in the near future as I search for the right ¨new look¨! So, bear with me if you come back for a visit and things look strange! :)

PS: You might notice that I added a new gadget with the Cartagena weather forecast. Sorry if it makes some of you jealous in the middle of winter! :)

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