Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dry Dock

We were finally able to take the boat to dry dock on Tuesday, March 10th. We were a week behind schedule because of paperwork needed for our workers. The dry dock facility requires us to provide health insurance, pension and worker´s comp. for the workers we were bringing from Bocachica, even though we were only hiring them for about 10 days. It took a lot of time and running around for Jorge but he was finally able to get it done. We were hoping that we could get the boat out after 10 or 12 days but the other day when they took off a portion of the fiberglass on the hull, they found a lot more damage (rotten wood) underneath than they expected. So, it will cost us a bit more money and take a bit longer than originally planned. The carpentry portion of the job is nearing completion and the next stage will be the applying new fiberglass to the portions of the hull.

Here are a few photos from the first day when we towed the boat from Bocachica to the dry dock facilities. It is a hot and dusty place so the guys (Jorge and Martin) come home really exhausted every night! More photos to come soon, I promise!

This photo is funny, it looks like she was ¨birthed¨ by the big ship behind her!

This crane lifts the boat out of the water and wheels her to our slot on the shipyard.

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Sandi said...

So excited for you guys...its' been a long time coming :o)