Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tuesday, April 14th, was the day we re-opened our feeding center for 2009. We have changed a lot about the way we operate our feeding center and child sponsorship program this year. If you are interested in that you can read about it HERE. You will have to excuse the wrong dates on some of the photos, my camera batteries don´t work very well and I have to change them every 5 minutes almost so I guess I pushed the wrong button during one of the changes!

Luz Neira and Hermelinda prepare the plates in the kitchen. The menu for the day was rice, lentil stew, salad and a boiled egg. The cooks and most of the community volunteers are parents of the children in the program.

Mensi has been a faithful friend since the very first day we set foot in Bocachica!! She has two children in the program and volunteers at the feeding center.

A member of a DTS outreach team from YWAM Oregon helps decorate the tables, getting ready for the kids to arrive.

Josefina ¨steps up¨ to welcome the kids and give an orientation on the way things will operate for this year.

Daniel (PL staff) and Yeison (YWAM Cartagena Staff) volunteered to be mimes to help liven up the festivities!

Katrina gets escorted to her table by the mimes.

The YWAM DTS outreach team from Oregon singing a song for the kids.

Erika helping to serve the first of the plates.

These girls have been in our sponsorship program since they were little.

A full house. The middle and high school kids go to school in the afternoon so they arrive to the feeding center at 11:30am for lunch. The elementary school kids have classes in the morning so they arrive in the second shift at 12:30pm.

View from above.

Yeison goofing off with the kids.

Daniel doing the same.

Our new mural looks great, don´t you think?!

After the kids eat, they get in line to wash their own dishes, before heading home to change for school, or heading to class if they are already in their uniform.

Daniel again...the mimes did a great impromptu job at entertaining everyone!

Conny made cookies for all the kids too! As they leave, each kid pays 200 pesos. It is a very small amount, less than 10 cents, but added all together it helps us to cover the expenses of paying the cooks and a few other basics. The rest of the expenses are covered through the child sponsorship fees.


The Durhams said...

Wow - the feeding center looks amazing! Scott and I want to come visit one day. I've warned him that if we visit we might never want to leave...I think he's okay with that :)

Jorge and Karen Silva said...

Don´t tease me, now Jamie! We would LOVE to have you guys come for a visit! Just say when! :)))