Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Ready

One of the things we have to do to get ready for our teams is preparing to feed them! Planning Menu´s, Shopping lists, Grocery Stores, Transportation, etc... Here´s a peek at our typical team grocery shopping day...

Erika and Pili picking out the meat.

Me in line with all 5 of our super-sized shopping carts. One of them is for the children´s feeding center but the rest are for a week with a team!

Guillermo helped with the heavy stuff! It´s great to have guys with muscles!

We usually fill up our car plus a taxi (if it´s a small team we can fit it all in our car) and then head to the dock where a boat is waiting to take everything to the island.

Loading up!

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Sandi said...

Man, that's alot of groceries!