Monday, July 20, 2009

Clinic Construcion Continues!

Last week was a lot of hard work for Jorge as he was meeting with Engineers, ordering construction materials, coordinating their delivery at a dock, renting a barge, etc... getting ready for our next big shipment of supplies to be able to continue the construcion of the clinc in Bocachica. Our staff guys and 10 other men we hired from Bocachica came to bag up the sand and gravel, load all the supplies on the barge and unload once they got to Bocachica. This is the largest load we have ever bought and shipped out.... 1 dump truck full of sand (8 tons!), 3 dump trucks full of gravel (24 tons!) (all of that adds up to over 2000 sacks that had to be filled, loaded and unloaded), 10 tons of cement, 3 tons of re-bar, 60 wood panels, a boat-load full of styrophone blocks, and the scaffolding supplies needed to build the roof. Once the barge arrived to Bocachica the community rallied around us and came out to help was such a sight to see and brought many to tears just witnessing the collaborating spirit. It´s hard to put in words what a moving experience (no pun intended) something like this just had to be there. Here are a few photos from the day.

Bagging up sand.

Bagging up gravel.

Lunch break.


The barge fully loaded.

Arriving to Bocachica...Guillermo and Samy.

Volunteers helping to unload.

Here you can see the long trek each one had to make from the barge all the way up to the clinic construction site. A labor of love.

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