Monday, August 24, 2009

The Rains Family

Another totally awesome (yes, I´m an 80´s girl) thing that happened last month was that my friends, the Rains Family, got to come to Cartagena for a whole month! Kevin, Tracy and I went to college together at Cedarville College in Ohio and Kevin is the one who first got me hooked up with YWAM . Kevin and Tracy are pastors at Vineyard Central in Norwood, Ohio and we hadn´t seen each other in like 16 years! Since then they got married, had two great kids, Izaac and Zoe, and became pastors with the we had a lot to catch up on! They were in Colombia finalizing the adoption process for the cutest and sweetest little Colombiana named Treisy! It was truely a joy and an honor to be a part of that whole process with them and to witness first hand how the Lord knitted them together!!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots but you can see more photos of our time together here!

The Rains Family at the San Felipe fort in Cartagena, with the Colombian flag flying behind. Treisy adapted so well with her new family, it was amazing for all to watch! From the first day she called them Mamá, Papá, Hermano and was so cute and sweet to see. At the orphanage in Bogotá where she grew up they said that she has talked for years about how one day her ¨Papá Gringo¨ would come and get her and take her to the United States to live in a big house with siblings, and uncles and aunts and Grandparents. It´s really neat because that is exactly what happened. It´s as if the Lord was preparing her for what was to come!

Treisy, Izaac and Zoe at the beach.

Me and Treisy! The truth is that this little girl stole our hearts! She is such a charmer! She is such a talker, smart, funny, inquisitive, etc... it was a real joy to have met her!

With Treisy and Zoe on the wall of the old city. Zoe is a sweetie too...she is a little homemaker and was always keeping watch over Treisy!


Sandi said...

Must have been so fun to see them again. Who knows maybe one day we'll get the same oppurtunity :o)

Terry Barrett-Manager of West Texas Air Museum said...

What a great story, I read their blog and everything!!!!
congratulate them from me!