Monday, November 23, 2009

In Mexico for the Holiday´s

Jorge and I are in Mexico for our holiday vacation, spending time with family and getting some are some photos of our time so far:

Our nephew´s son, Uriel.

Our niece, Blanquita with Papito.

Jorge sister, Isabel and her daughter-in-law, Cristina making chiles rellenos.

Cristina frying the chiles.

At the beach with Jorge´s sister, Lety and her daughter, Brenda.

Jorge and his mom!

Our niece´s daughter, Camila.

Jorge and I with our niece, Blanquita.

Blanquita and Mamita...80 years difference.

9 month old Blanquita is the newest addition to the family and her sister will be arriving in time for her first birthday!

Don´t you think she looks just like her Tio Jorge?!

Jorge´s brother, Chava and his wife, Rocio, grilling fish.

Chava, Rocio and Blanquita at the beach.

Pepito helping Brenda with her life jacket. (our niece and nephew)

The beach where we go in Pichilinguillo.

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