Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More from Mexico

With my sis-in-law on her birthday...I made lasagna for everybody.

Jorge and Blanquita...one of our family activities is making her laugh...it is very easy to do and she cracks us all up!

We spent two weekends in Zihuatanejo. (In photo are nieces and sis´s-in-law)

One of the beaches in Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa.

In Zihuatanejo with my mom-in-law.

Twin nieces, Galia and Gabi.

With Blanquita in Guadalajara.

This made Jorge and I laugh...the people in Guadalajara lined up to get on the bus...you will NEVER see a line to get on the bus in Cartagena, you just run and cram in Cartagena. If you stand in line, you will be left on the curb!

My dad-in-law and Blanquita in Tequila, Jalisco. Yes, Tequila is where most of Mexico´s tequila is made. While in Tequila, we toured a couple of tequila factories...

Agave fields in Tequila.

The agave palm hearts that will be cooked.

Cooking the agave palm hearts to extract the juice.

The process of extracting the juice.

Starting the fermentation process.

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