Saturday, March 13, 2010

Medical Brigade

Last week we were excited to have a medical team from North Heights Lutheran in Arden Hills, Minnesota. They held a 5 day medical brigade at our new clinic facilities (still under construction!) and with only 2 doctors, 5 nurses and a handful of support staff we were able to attend to approximately 430 patients from the community. In addition to their medical expertise they offered such patient and loving care to the community and each one who passed through was blessed by them. We saw God´s provision in such neat ways as certain medicines and supplies were exhausted with the last patient who needed them.

Dr. Jim

You´ve heard of living out of a suitcase. But have you ever heard of practicing medicine out of a suitcase? The whole team was very resourceful and took it all in stride.

One of Dr. Jim´s specialties is pain management and he was a big blessing to a lot of people with chronic pain issues!

Dr. Greg is an ER doctor and he did serval minor surgeries. Some of my photos got deleted by accident so I will put up a a better shot of Dr. Greg a little later.

Sue and Colleen assist Mary Jo as Jon stands by as translator and official light holder.

Edi is a nurse mid-wife who dealt with a lot of the female patients.

The team in front of the clinic site.

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