Friday, September 24, 2010

Germans Going & Coming

I can´t believe it has been a whole month since I updated this blog the last time! Sorry for the lull! (Sorry Uncle Bill!)

So, there has been a lot going on...but for now I´ll just give you the scoop on our German Invasion! :)

We were sad to see Thomas and Anais leave us after spending a year with Proyecto Libertad in Bocachica! They were such a blessing to have and we miss them already! During their time with us Thomas worked with construction and maintenance and Anais worked with our Children´s Ministries. They are both back home in Germany now getting ready for University. Thomas will be studying film and movie making and Anais will be finishing her studies to be a teacher.

Just a few days after they left our new group of Germans from the Weltwarts program arrived for the Sept. 2010/2011 year! Here they are:

Anita who just graduated from nursing school and will be working in our Infirmary.

Madeleine who is a pediatric nurse and will be also be working in the Infirmary.

Katrin who just graduated from high school and will be working in Hospitality and Children´s Ministries.

Christian who will be working in our Finance and Administration areas.

They are just finishing up their first week in Bocachica so keep them in your prayers as they adapt to so many new things! We pray that they will be able to pick up Spanish very quickly and make theirselves at home in the Colombia and Bocachica culture and lifestyle!

And speaking of Germans...

...we also have enjoyed a visit from Karoline who worked with us 2 years ago. Since she left us, Karoline got married and is now living in Miami! It was great seeing her again and she just happened to come at the perfect time to be able to help us with translations and orientation for the new German gang! Karoline also came prepared to do a couple of crafts projects with women and kids and they really loved it! Thanks so much for coming back Karo...we love you!!

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