Monday, January 31, 2011

Antioch visits Bocachica

We were very blessed last week by the visit of a short-term missions team from Antioch Community Church from my home town of Burlington, NC.  They have been coming each year for several years now and we always have a very special time with them...this year was no exception!  They blessed us in many ways through their love and generosity.  Their main projects this year were helping us build a cistern which will serve our clinic and feeding center, and doing a face-lift on the feeding center and the mission, doing lots of painting and other maintenance projects.  Pastor Mark also did a two-night conference on parenting at the local church (with me translating).  Here are a few shots of the team and our staff throughout the week:

 Fastening re-bar for the cistern.

 Katrin, from Germany, working in our hospitality department.

 Alexandra helping in the kitchen.

 Amos scraping paint at the feeding center.

Translating for Pastor Mark at the Parenting Conference.

 Vic giving a protective coat of paint to the mural at the feeding center.

 Jorge and Thom making molds for the cistern project.

 Our friends from Bocachica, Arlon and Salustiano, helping with the cistern.

 Valerie and Susanna had many little followers throughout the week!

 Jorge's tennis shoes will never be the same.

 Sam, Thom and Enke passing buckets of cement to be poured.

 Anna, from Sweden, helping with lunch prep.

 Alyssa painting...check out her posture!  I could learn a thing or two from her!  :)

 Leni, one of our nurses from Germany, takes a break from the Infirmary and helps with the painting.

 Jay doing stucco work on the walls.

 Tina and Anna painting.

 Yiselis and Tina
Kyle and Arlon

Loida and Yolaida making empanadas de pollo (little chicken pies).
Me translating for Pastor Mark at Thursday night cell group.


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