Friday, February 18, 2011

Town Meeting

Last week my neighbor and I went to the Turbaco town meeting.  There is a new highway that has been under construction between Turbaco and Cartagena for over a year now.  The road is far from being finished but there is one thing that is almost ready...a new toll booth, right in the middle of the city limits!  You can imagine that this has caused a bit of an uproar among us Turbaco residents!  So the town meeting was organized to discuss this new highway and the toll booth!  The meeting was held to give the residents the opportunity to voice their opinion although no decisions will be made for another week or so (or so they say.)  I made this short video set to the music of the Colombian National Anthem to give you a peek at life in Turbaco!

Turbaco Town Meeting from Karen W. Silva on Vimeo.

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Bobby said...

Great blog, Karen and Jorge!
I like that speaker you guys had!
That's ridiculous - what they're trying to make you pay!
I'm glad you're neighbors to our