Monday, February 17, 2014

Memory Lane

Yesterday we had a special visit with some "old" friends we hadn't seen in about 20 years!  During my Junior and Senior years in high school I had an after school babysitting job taking care of Carrie and Clint.  Both of them were in our wedding!  The last time I saw them, Carrie was about 16 and Clint was about 13... Twenty years later and both are married, each one with two beautiful children of their own!  Pictured above is Clint by my side and his wife, Theresa is beside him (his little boy and girl are sitting with their Uncle Shane on the couch).  Next is their mom, Retha, with her husband, Scott.  On the opposite end of the couch is Carrie and her hubby is on the couch with their two daughters sitting to the left.  It was so neat to catch up on their lives and to spend some time with this loving family!

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