Saturday, October 18, 2014

School of Leadership Development

Since October 12, Jorge has been in Bucaramanga, Colombia attending a six-week YWAM School of Leadership Development.  So far he is having a great time, being encouraged, spiritually refreshed and learning new things.  Some of the topics covered in this school are:  team leadership, giftings of a leader, self-leadership, dealing with conflict, vision, and integrity.  We are keeping in touch via Facebook and Skype almost every day and I can see that he has been very blessed by this opportunity!  Here are a few photos of his time so far:

Students and leaders.

View of Bucaramanga from the base.

Jorge with his school mentor, Gary McKinney who is a part of YWAM's international leadership.  Gary and his wife, Deanna, have ministered in Spain for the last 40 years and are now the base directors of YWAM Madrid.

Jorge giving a presentation to the class.

Class in session.

School leaders.

Jorge in his dorm room which he is sharing with 3 other guys.

I don't have any photos of Erika (our mission operations director in Bocachica), but she is also in Bucaramanga doing the school with Jorge.

I am missing my Jorgito and really looking forward to when he comes home!  I am, however, very grateful that he has had this opportunity.  Originally we were planning to do the school together but since I had these health issues I wasn't able to go.  We hoped to meet each other back in Cartagena in December but I have had some set-backs in the healing process (I'll tell you more about that later) which has delayed the process.  So now, our plan is that when Jorge is finished with the school he will come back to spend the holidays with me here in NC.


Eulis Martinez Villa said...

God´s done many blessed things, enjoy all waht God is giving you through every school teacher... We love you so much and blessings for you all.

Karen Silva said...

Thanks so much Eulis!! We miss you and everyone in Bocachica so much!! We are dreaming of the day we can get back!!

TimE said...

Hey, there! Glad to hear some updates. Setbacks are always with us, but so is our Father! Bless each of you as you traverse the ups and downs. Karen, I'm glad to hear that you are progressing (again, about the same schedule as my mother). Soon you will be through the physical side of it at least.
In His Love,