Monday, July 24, 2006

Bocachica Update

We are so thankful for our faithful staff in Bocachica! Here they are in a recent photo at breakfast. They have done an amazing job at holding down the fort in our absence. We have missed them all tremendously and are very much looking forward to being with them again! One of their recent challenges has been with the electricity. Over a month ago the transformer by the mission exploded leaving them without any electricity for over a month! This not only affects their daily lives (imagine, no refrigerators, no lights, no fans, no telephone because our phone system is battery operated and the battery is recharged by electricity!) but it also affects our ministry abilities, especially the medical and dental areas! Unfortunately the electric company has not shown the least bit of interest in repairing the damage despite our staff's best efforts to file formal complaints. So, we are praying that they can get their electricity back SOON! Hang in there guys!! We love you!!

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