Saturday, December 02, 2006

An Unexpected Side Trip

A little over a week ago I was invited on an unexpected side trip. My mom had to go to North Carolina to pick-up my grandma and bring her and her car back west to Arizona for the, since my mom didn't want to do the driving all alone, she bought me a ticket to join her. On Nov. 20th I flew to Burlington, North Carolina, which is where I grew up, and it was great to be able to go back, even if it was only a few days. I hadn't been to NC in about 5 years so it was good to be back. I was there with my mom and grandma over Thanksgiving and then on the 24th we set out on our road trip. We stopped for a couple of nights in Mobile, Alabama to visit my Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty and we left my grandma there for Christmas and New Years and mom and I continued on the journey. It took us three more days of driving once we left Mobile but we finally made it to Yuma, Arizona! In a few days I will be flying back to Mexico to join up again with Jorge and get ready for Christmas in Mexico.

With my grandma (left) and my Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty in Mobile, Alabama.

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