Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nuevo Laredo...Heading North to Yuma

On Saturday, Feb. 17th, we started making our way north. It was hard to say goodbye to the family in Queretaro, especially Jorge's Mom and Dad, not knowing what lies ahead. More than anything though we left with our hearts full of gratitude to the Lord for having given us this great desire of our hearts, to be able to spend this time with his family and especially his mom. The first day we drove 9 hours to Nuevo Laredo where Jorge's sister, Lupita, lives. This city borders Laredo, TX. We spent Sunday with Lupe, her husband, Fernando and their daughter, Montserrat. We also got to see some old friends who used to be neighbors of Jorge's family years ago in Lazaro Cardenas...they also live in Nuevo Laredo now. On Monday we crossed the border and drove 13 hours northwest and stopped for the night in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Yesterday we drove 8 more hours and finally, almost 2000 miles later, arrived to Yuma, Arizona. Thank the Lord, we had a good trip, good weather, no car troubles, etc... We are now at my mom's house and plan to be here the next month getting ready for our visiting tour and our move back to Colombia. We will also be working some with my Uncle John who has a Bar-B-Q restaurant here and is in the process of opening a second restaurant on the other end of town. Jorge left early this morning to help with all the renovations at the new location...I stayed home to unpack and do laundry... so, now we start the next phase and are one step closer to getting back to Colombia.

Jorge's sister, Luptia and her youngest daughter, Montserrat, who is 8 years old.

Here we are with Juanita, her daughter Lola and grandson, Octavio. Juanita and her family are close friends of Jorge's family and they were neighbors for many years. When Jorge and I were first married I remember Lola was only 12 years old and now it was really neat to see her all grown up and a mother herself! Time flies!

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