Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tia Pachita

Before leaving Mexico we had one more little side trip to make to Acambaro, Jorge's birthplace, to visit Jorge's Aunt, Tia Pachita. Tia Pachita will turn 80 years old this year and she never got married or had children so she lives alone. Jorge and his brothers and sisters have lots of stories of how she used to help them when they were small and in difficult situations as a family. She is a fiesty lady and a very devout Catholic. We spent the day with her, took her for a shrimp cocktail and caught up on the latest in her life. She gave us a special gift, a beautiful ceramic plate that Jorge's great grandfather used to eat off of. She said, it's lasted her 80 years and wanted to pass it on before something happened to her. She also gave me some embroidery work that she made and has been saving for many years.

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