Monday, March 05, 2007

Erika's Coming!

This is Erika. She is a Dentist from Cartagena who has been on staff with us in Bocachica for 4 years and started coming to Bocachica as a volunteer even before that! The last 2 years that we were in Ensenada she served on the Leadership Council and also assumed a portion of the Bookkeeping/Banking responsibilities of the ministry. She also leads a discipleship group with the non-Christian teens that live near the mission in Bocachica.

We really wanted her to join us on our visiting tour next month but we had the huge obstacle of her getting a U.S. Visa in front of us! I know we shared about that in some of our recent updates and asked you to pray about it. Well we are so excited because today she had her appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá and SHE GOT HER VISA!!!!!!!! Now we have the challenge of the finances ahead of us but her getting the visa was a miracle and confirmation that God is in this!! So we know that He'll take care of the rest (do you know that Keith Green song?)

Here's an excerpt of what Erika had to say in her email to me today:

"At the Embassy it was a struggle but God overcame! In the beginning they were questioning me a lot ... they asked me about everything... it seemed impossible but God finally did the miracle. A miracle because humanly it was impossible, I didn't meet any of the requirements and when I think about it, I imagine Caleb and Joshua when they decided to believe God in spite of the things that they saw when they went to spy out the land with the rest of the spys. I left there crying at having seen God give me the victory over what I saw as a giant. Definitely God did all this and I give Him the glory. My faith has really grown through this time. Now we have the challenge of the finances but nothing is impossible for God and He will continue to do miracles."

Yeah!!! Erika is coming!!!


Desteni said...

So exciting!! Hooray Jesus and Erika.

Desteni said...
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