Friday, March 02, 2007

Jorge's Dad

Many of you have been asking about Jorge's dad, Antonio, so I wanted to give you an update. Back in January he had his prostate removed and unfortunately they found it was malignant. On the up side, the additional tests they have done seem to show that the cancer hasn't spread to other organs. However, the doctor has encouraged him to have surgery to remove his testicles. According to the doctor, the testicles produce testosterone which feeds any of the cancer cells that may have been left behind. Jorge's dad has chosen not to have the surgery at this point. It is understandable that this would be a huge step for him and it's not a surprise that he didn't want to go through with it. So, in the meantime he is on chemotherapy that is supposed to eradicate the testosterone...if there are any medical experts reading this, forgive my ignorance if any of this doesn't make sense... I'm repeating what I heard as best as I understand it. We would like to see him have the surgery because this would give him a far better chance of preventing the spread of the cancer but that is a decision only he can make. We pray that God will give him the wisdom and courage to make the right decisions in the right time.

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