Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Northern Arizona & Utah

Prescott, Sedona & the Grand Canyon
Northern Arizona really is beautiful...we stopped in Prescott and had a picnic in front of the county courthouse and walked around town a bit...then we went through Sedona, which is gorgeous at sunset, the red rock mountains look like they are on fire as the sun shines on them. We stopped for the night in Flagstaff and then left early the next morning for the Grand Canyon. We spent the morning is just awesome...something you just have to see at least once in your life!

Picnic in Prescott.

Under a bridge in Sedona...admiring the valley below.


At The Grand Canyon

Monument Valley - Utah

After spending the morning at the Grand Canyon we continued on to Kayenta, AZ where we toured an Indian Musuem about the "Wind Talkers" from the Navajo Nation and then through Utah, making our way to Grand Junction, Colorado where my brother and sister-in-law (Kurt and Lucha) live. Utah is so beautiful too...God's creation is truely amazing!!!

Part of the Navajo museum in Kayenta.

Monument Valley is looks like a painting propped up behind us.

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Desteni said...

It is still so weird to see them there! Surreal!