Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just a Quickie

Hi everybody! Greetings from Burlington, North Carolina! I haven't had much internet access lately so that's why I haven't made many updates lately. At the moment I am at the public library and I only have a few minutes. I am hoping to be able to post some new photos in a week or so. In the meantime I just wanted to give you a quick update.

After we left my brother's in Grand Junction, Colorado we headed east. We were able to visit the YWAM base in Denver, dear friends in Loveland (just north of Denver), the YWAM bases in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC, friends in Charlotte and then on April 27th we arrived to Burlington, NC which is where I am from (since I was 13 yrs.old).

Since we have been here in Burlington we have been really busy...on the go all the time... it has been a great time! We have been able to share at churches, schools, home groups, and we have been able to spend time with friends! It has been hard because there aren't enough hours in the days and with 5 of us and only one car, I haven't been able to visit everybody that I wanted to but even still, it has been a great time. We have been so blessed to be reminded of all the special people God has put in our lives!

One of our goals during this trip was to be able to raise money for the clinic construction in Bocachica. As you know it has been a long and slow road. We have been working on it for years now, building as we have funds available. We estimate that we need about $30,000 more to finish the clinic. Last week we were PRAISING GOD and REJOICING when we recieved an offering of $11,400 from a church here in Burlington to go towards the clinic construction!! With this donation and the other offerings we have recieved during the trip we have about $14,000... so we are almost half-way there! We are so excited to have these funds to take back to Bocachica with us and "GET TO WORK!" We know too that the community is going to be so encouraged to hear the news!

We have also been blessed with other donations of medications, dental equipment, dental supplies and tools!! THANK YOU, LORD!!

Conny and Erika are going to be leaving us on Monday, May 14. We sure are going to miss them on the rest of the trip!! They are going back to Colombia and together with the rest of our staff will be recieving a short-term team from Matthews United Methodist Church near Charlotte, NC that will be arriving to Bocachica on May 20th.

On Tuesday, May 15, we will be leaving Burlington and heading south. We will stop in Georgia and South Carolina and make our way to Florida. We are still hoping and planning to return to Colombia by mid-June.

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Geoff Gentry said...

We are so glad you could come and share with us. We are looking forward to coming down to work in 2008. May the Lord bless the rest of your trip.