Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Trip East!

Once we left my brother's house we headed east to
Denver and Loveland, CO for a couple of days.

One last adventure in the snow... a picnic at a rest stop in the Vail Pass, on our way to Denver.

We stopped by the YWAM-Denver base for a few hours.

Our friend, Cary Snodgrass who has led a couple of outreach
teams to Bocachica, gave us a VIP tour of the base. Thanks Cary!!
Jorge and Peter Warren, the founder of YWAM Denver.


We were especially excited to stop in Loveland (an hour north of Denver) for a couple of days to visit our dear, dear friends, Franci Wunderlich (in blue) and the Barrera Family (Johanna on the left and her parents, Angel and Pilar on the right). We used to all work together at the YWAM base in Bogota, Colombia about 16 years ago when Jorge and I were newlyweds. Johanna was just 2 years old then! The Barrera's also have another daughter named Carinna but we didn't get to see her because she is serving on staff with YWAM in Puerto Rico.


We stopped for a stretch and a snack along this river in
Cadiz, Kentucky, just before crossing the Tennessee state line.

We couldn't go through Nashville without visiting the
Grand Ole Opry... at least from the outside.

With 2 Germans, a Mexican and a Colombian, I had to give a
lesson on the joys of country music...a personal favorite of mine.

Of all the crazy things, Erika shrieked with delight at visiting this Dukes of Hazzard Museum!! She even got her photo with the General Lee, Bo & Luke and the gang...

We also had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at the YWAM Nashville base, which is actually in Adams, TN (about 45 minutes NW of Nashville). They have beautiful facilities and beautiful people who totally made us feel at home!!

We shared at the base community night about the work we are doing in Colombia! Afterwards they had an awesome time of prayer over us and it was so encouraging!!

This is Jessica, our angel at the Nashville base! She helped us and blessed us in so many ways!


Visiting the YWAM-Charlotte base... we had the opportunity to meet with some of the base leaders and share about outreach opportunities in Colombia.

Our highlight in Charlotte was seeing the beautiful Hopper family!! We first met Brad and Jennie in 1999. They did their DTS together at YWAM Denver and then did part of their outreach in Bocachica... they were just friends then. A few months later Jennie (from England) joined our staff and helped us with communications and getting the feeding center started... soon after Brad joined us too! Not too much later the two got engaged and then married and now as you can see they are 3! We had fun with little Aidan... he especially liked the Bocachica style of worship and we had a few jam sessions together with his play instruments!

Dinner at the Hopper's with Rob Paugh, another friend from
YWAM Denver who has led outreach teams to Bocachica!

Sharing with a young adults group at Matthews United Methodist,
where Brad is on pastoral staff.

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