Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Random Tidbits

Today I am in Cartagena to pick up my mom and her best friend at the airport!! As you can imagine I am very excited to see them both! This will be the first time my mom has been here since about 8 years ago! I will post some more updates soon about our time together but for now here are a few tidbits from the last couple of weeks.

Ana and Chienye have been such a joy to have with us these past 5 weeks or so. We are really going to miss them when they have to go back home to University!! Here they are washing their clothes by hand... I'm sure their mother`s will be proud to see them doing it with a smile!

We had a short-termer with us for 2 weeks... Drew Reuss from Minnesota. Drew was also wonderful to have...such a blessing! He had a great attitude about everything and a real servant's heart. He just totally became part of our family and we were sad to see him go!

Drew and Samy planting grass in our back yard at the mission. We are PRAYING for God's annointing to make this grass grow!

Jorge with some of his ¨Apostles¨ . These boys love to come to the mission and they LOVE Jorge!! He is discipling them and mentoring them.

A couple of weeks ago we celbrated Samy's 21st birthday with cake and coke during the half-time of the America's Cup Soccer Final. We had about 30 people crammed into our tiny living room... the pile of shoes at our front door was almost a mile high... OK, I am exagerating but you get the point.


Desteni said...

So cool! Say hi to your mom for me!!

anne said...

i'm home and missing the mission! i should probably show my mum that picture - hope everything went well with the team and the family :) thank you so much for an amazing and inspiring time in bocachica. i really loved being there.
you and jorge and everybody at the mission are in my thoughts and prayers :)
love, anne