Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Family Reunion In Bocachica!!

We were so thrilled to have our family visit us in Bocachica!! My mom came for the first time in 8 years and her best friend, Carole Murphy, who is also like family to us came for the first time! Kurt, Lucha and Melissa also came with a team from their church, First Assembly of God in Grand Juntion, Colorado! It had been a couple of years since Kurt and Lucha had come and this was Melissa`s (my 13 year old niece) first visit! Also, an added blessing was a special visit by Daniela and Ruthy!! Daniela, from Romania, served on staff with us for 3 years but we hadn`t seen each other since her wedding, 4 years ago and it was our first time to meet Ruthy! Very special times indeed!!!!
Mom and Carole with the city of Cartagena behind in the distance.

Mom and Carole with Marley... they were her offical English teachers for their 2 weeks at the mission.

Mom with her sponsor child, Yuliza... they had a great time getting to know each other.

Carole also got to meet her sponsor child, Larzo, and his mom and grandma.
Carole with Yeison and his grandparents who have raised him. Carole has been sponsoring Yeison for the past 6 years or so and next year he will be graduating.
One day we took the Grand Junction team out to one of the islands for a free day...

My niece, Melissa, enjoys the boat ride.

Kurt and Lucha, ready for some sun and fun!

Mom and Carole giggling together at the beach... I wonder what they were talking about!

Melissa gets a carriage ride in downtown Cartagena! Here she is with Lucha´s dear friends from Cali: Mariceli, Amanda and Jennifer.

Together again!! Lucha, Daniela and I remember old times. Special thanks to Dani´s hubby, Wilson, for giving his blessing for Dani and Ruthy to come without him! It was such a blessing!
Dani and Ruthy... this little girl has got such a personality! She kept us giggling the whole time!

Reinel gives Dani and Ruthy a ride to the dock.

Carole gets imitated by a mime in Cartagena.

Carole playing Dominoes with Elquin and Yefer.

Kelly and Melissa at the beach... Kelly is Melissa´s special friend from Bocachica.

Melissa getting braides... she looked so adorable with them!!


Anonymous said...


Sis Melissa is 13 years old! Lets don't rush this teenage stuff!!! Ha, Ha, HA!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
First, I want to congradulate you and your husband for all your hardwork. It truly takes special people to do what you both do. I would also like to ask you for a favor in contacting someone my husband and I met in Bocachica. Please contact me via email @ and I will tell you the story...Thank You