Monday, November 26, 2007

Moving Day: Nov. 17, 2007

On Friday evening, Nov. 16th we got an unexpected call from the previous owner of the house saying that the next day she would need us to be there to receive the keys to our "new" house! It threw us into a tail spin and we had to act quickly to get things on our end organized with packing and arranging transportation, etc. So the last week we have been busy packing, moving, cleaning, fixing, etc...

Jorge in the living room.

Our bedroom...hopefully it won't look like this for too much longer.

Martin helping... we are getting the back railings ready to paint.

Jorge fixing the walls.

Jose helping to scrape the railings on the back porch.

Our new dog, Laisa!

Our Carambola tree (aka: Star Fruit) is full of fruit and we have been making lots of juice since we moved in! We also have lots of limes, sour oranges and tangerines at the moment!

Samy helps to change some of our electrical outlets.

Jorge spent a good part of the day trimming our trees!

We really hit it off with our neighbors, especially the ones on our right. Jacqueline and her two kids, Jaque (11) and Jose (14) have been such a help to us and we have become great friends!

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Brief Notes from the Barretts said...

The joys of making a house a home. Enjoy your new beginnings!

Love you Both,
Terry and Pat