Thursday, January 10, 2008

House Update

We spent the first month in our house doing a lot of work (scraping, painting, cleaning, etc...) and we finally got it to the point where we could at least unpack our suitcases and boxes and start moving in. We still have a lot to do...eventually we want to re-do the bathrooms and kitchen, put in new tile on the floors, install new windows, etc... but for now we will be taking a break. This is a long-term project so we have to just take it little by little and do things as time and finances allow!

We basically use our back porch as our living and dining's a lot cooler out there!

I've always wanted to have a hammock in my living room! That's my favorite part!

Our bedroom. All the walls are bare... we are starting from scratch...again!

This is the living/dining room when you first come in the front door... we don't have much furniture yet... we'll get there eventually.

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