Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bakery...a new endeavor

A couple of months ago we (Proyecto Libertad) had the opportunity to buy the equipment needed to start a bakery. We have been considering different options of how to use this as a small business opportunity as well as a ministry opportunity. This past week we hired a local baker, who happens to be one of Samy´s older brothers, to help us do maintenance to all the machinery and test it out to make sure it was working. For three days in a row, we had yummy bread and doughnuts. Since we were just testing the machinery for now, each day we bagged up lots of bread and gave it to friends and neighbors in Bocahica and we of course kept some for the mission as well! What we think we would like to do is take it to Isla Fuerte and start a Bakery/Coffee Shop. There is no bakery on the island there so there is a great demand for fresh baked bread! Plus there isn´t really anything social for the people to do their either so it might be a good way to create a meeting place for folks and use that to reach out to the community in a variety of ways. This would also be a great way for us to fund this new operating location in Isla Fuerte as well because so far it has been a strain on the ministry finances. For now though, there is no electricity on Isla Fuerte so we would have to buy a generator which is quite expensive here. So for now, we are thinking of setting it up in Bocachica, maybe in a place far away from the bakeries that are currently operating in the community and using it there for the next few months until the electricity gets installed in Isla Fuerte.

Eduardo, Samy´s brother, is a baker and he was a huge help and blessing!

Making caramel bread.

One of the machines that flattens out the dough.

This machine cuts the dough into equal portions.

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