Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reinel Graduated!

We were really happy that Reinel was able to complete his nurses training and last month he graduated from the program offered through the Colombian Red Cross. Reinel was a recipient of our scholarship fund and we especially want to thank his sponsors (you know who you are!) who made this possible.

Reinel and his Dad at the graduation. His dad was proud!

He recieved his diploma from one of his instructors who really took an interest in helping to encourge him and push him forward when things got tough.

His diploma says he is certified as a Technical Nurses Assistant. It is more than a Nurses Aide in the USA...but less than an LPN...somewhere in between, I guess.

And just for fun, this is Reinel about 8 or 9 years ago. My first memory of Reinel was one day when he was a boy, a year or so before this photo was taken, and he was helping us do odd jobs around the mission and we offered him a tip, it was probably less than a dollar at the time but his response was, ¨No thank you, we are brothers in Christ and I just wanted to help!¨

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