Friday, July 11, 2008

Youth Confrence in Córdoba

Last weekend Jorge and I drove about 5+ hours to La Apartada, Córdoba where Jorge was the guest speaker at a two and a half day youth conference. You guys, Colombia is such a GORGEOUS country! There were so many beautiful photo opps that I missed along the way but here are a few of the scenery and at the conference.

This one was taken across the street from where the conference was held.
This was the beautiful postcard we got to look at each morning!

Behind the conference center...the little mounds are termite hills!

A very popular snack is fruit! This guy´s specialty was green mango cut up like french fries with salt and lime juice squeezed over it. Each cup costs about .40 cents. This man is dressed typically for a man in this region...notice his cowboy hat and the poncho he has over his shoulder...I saw a lot of guys wearing these while I was there.

This was our host family for the weekend.

Our friend Cecilia with her darling little girl, Keren. Cecilia used to work with YWAM in Cartagena back in 1997 when we first arrived. We hadn´t seen her in years so it was neat to meet up with her at the conference.

We also got to see Victor, Aris and David Mateo! They used to work with us in Bocachica a few years ago. Victor travels around singing Christian Mariachi music and we got to hear him at the conference.

Jorge hanging out with some of the kids.

First day of class.

There were more than 350 kids at the conference but we never could get an exact count.

By the looks on their faces, Jorge must be telling one of his stories!

Jorge answering questions after class.

The closing service.

Praying for some of the kids.

Jorge with Farides and Alex, two of the conference organizers.

In case you are wondering where I was all weekend...I was behind the camera! :)

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