Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby News...but not mine...

Sorry if I got your hopes up by that title...I was feeling a little mischevious. Anyways...I wanted to share a couple of photos of some special mommies-to-be in Bocachica:

This is Sorleis and her husband Aldemar. They just got married a little over a year ago and are expecting their little girl in October. Some of you might remember that Sorleis worked on staff with us at the mission for 2 years. She is 7 months along.

This is our neighbor, Marlaine, who we have watched grow up over the years (she was only 8 when we moved into the neighborhood). She and Toño are expecting a little girl named Tamar in November. Aldemar and Toño are brothers so these two little ones are cousins.

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Lindsay Fawcett said...

I LOVED Marlaine! I had fun with her while she braided my hair. I hope she is well!