Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Adios Astrid...Adios Yolanda...

Yesterday we had a staff get-together to say ¨goodbye¨ to Astrid and Yolanda. We all went to the movies and then the gang came to our house for dinner and dessert and then they all spent the night.

Astrid has been on staff the last 3 years and has been in charge of construction projects such as the clinic and community projects like latrines and floors. She leaves tomorrow for Bogotá.

Yolanda was with us most recently for a month and a half, filling in for Conny while she was home on vacation and helping with the medical brigade. She left today for Bogotá.

Cleaning up after dinner.
Praying for Astrid and Yolanda.

Erika, Marley and Judith

Martin and Conny

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