Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Minnesota Team

This past week we hosted a team from North Heights Lutheran Church from Arden Hills, Minnesota.
We had a great time with the Minnesota team this past week! A great group...worked hard, wonderful attitudes, well-prepared, generous, etc... lots of good stuff to say about them!

Rochelle playing with the kids in the cancha.

Lindsey helping in the kitchen.

Cell group night...Robin leading worship Bocachica style.

(If you are on Facebook, I posted a video of this...check it out!)

Wish you could have been there for this one...Neider and some buddies doing a rap song at the cell group. They brought the house down!

(This one too!)

Jeff sharing a testimony at our cell group meeting and Ben translating.

Jeff and Reinel working on latrines.
(I must confess that I stole this photo from Rehanna off Facebook)

Playing Limbo in the rain.

(This one too.)

Bathing and playing in the rain.

The first couple of days the team arrived our cistern was dry so the rain was a welcome sight! Thank the Lord, the water barge came the next day and filled us up!

Lindsay playing with the kids.

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