Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Yuca Man

So, I have been walking for excercise in the mornings and if I go out early enough I get to see the Yuca Man. Oh my gosh...he is SO CUTE! He´s a little old man who rides around the neighborhood at about 6 am on his donkey selling Yuca (yuca is a root, kind of like potatoe that is real common here). He has a high pitched voice and yells/sings out ¨Oye! Mira! Yo llevo la yuca!¨ Which means: ¨Hey! Look! I´m bringing the yuca!¨ . He yells it over and over again as he rides up and down each street. When he sees me he smiles real big (he makes me smile big too!) and calls me ¨Niña¨ (little girl) and comments on me walking so much! I just love this guy! The other day he came by and I bought some yuca from him and asked him if I could take his photo. He seemed proud and posed for several shots!

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