Thursday, November 06, 2008

환영 Grace!

Well, I hope that means what I think it does...WELCOME GRACE!! Grace arrived from Seoul, South Korea last week and we are thrilled to have her here for the following 6 months. She will be working in the Hospitality Department as she is learning more Spanish. Grace finished her DTS in Seoul and despite the language barrier has been very eager to arrive to Bocachica! She doesn´t speak much English or Spanish so it is a challenge for all of us. Please keep her in your prayers especially as she adapts to the new culture and language. If you have ever had to live in a place where you don´t speak the language, well you know how hard it can be at times! I remember when I was first learning Spanish, there were times when I was surrounded by people but felt so useless and alone...that just goes with the territory of learning a new language via the submersion method. Nevertheless, we want Grace to feel at home and like part of the family. She has a sweet spirit and is eager to help in any way she can and she got put to work her first night in Bocachica! We had a special Thank-you Dinner for our community volunteers and she just jumped in with both feet and helped us to serve them!

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